Business Computer Partners


Help the environment and minimize your office cost with refurbished tech. Purchasing from Urban Tech and Repair means protecting our planet through bing and selling upcycled tech. No need to throw out good tech that can be given a 2nd life!


All your tech needs are in one place. Do your office computers need repair? We have you covered! Need tech for your business that meets your needs and your budget while having a warranty? Just ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable techies in-house. 


Become a business partnership today! This is how it works:

We will work with small businesses to provide refurbished tech for their office needs. Our services have you covered for when you need to upgrade equipment in the office. We will also help provide tech for new employees every time the business brings a new employee on and needs tech for their desk. When you come in and purchase tech from us, you will also receive a discount on the tech as your partnership means a lot to us. 


We pride ourselves in partnering with local businesses to offer the most cost-effective laptops, monitors, desktop computers, and so much more. Through our corporate program Urban Technologies, we give 2nd life to refurbished tech. 


Apply For A Free Business Account below or for a premium membership.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Minimize office costs with cost-effective solutions
  • Able to scale your tech at the same time as scaling your workforce
  • More environmentally conscious
  • Discounts for employees




Simply fill out an application below to see if your business qualifies for these great benefits

    There is an annual fee for being a VIB Business, but you and your team will benefit greatly. 

    Here are the benefits of being a member: 

    • All business owners who are VIP members plus their team will receive a 25% discount on device purchases at our store. 
    • VIB Members will receive a 6-month warranty on purchases. 
    • Whenever your computer is sick or needs to be repaired, we loan out computers, so you don’t have to pay for a brand new computer or be out of work while yours is being fixed. 
    • We have a dedicated helpline for members that allows them to talk to one of our techies about your IT equipment questions or needs.


    The VIB Membership program is an annual investment of $100. 

    Give your business the IT equipment it deserves. Call the VIB line at (904)-515-6600 today.

    "Urban has been a Godsend for our advertising agency. In one year, I hired four new people and bought 2-year old Macbook Pros, monitors, mouse, cords, backups, and repairs for half the price from anywhere else. The techies are always polite, professional, and reliable. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses." -- Erin Gordon, CEO of Fisher Agency