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Fast & Reliable Phone Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL

Our Techies understand that sometimes things happen. When you drop or break your smartphone, you need a professional to help you get it back up and running again quickly and at an affordable price. You can trust our Techies at Urban Tech and Repair for your phone repair needs. 


How To Get Your Phone Repaired in Jacksonville, FL

We welcome walk-ins for phone repair services. We're open 10am to 5pm every Monday to Friday and the first Saturday of every month. Don’t worry if you work during the week; we will also be offering appointments on the first Saturday of the month if you can’t make it in during the workweek.

Step 1: Bring your phone & logins. 

Step 2: Submit a Ticket - One of our Techies will help you submitting a ticket with a brief description of what seems to be an issue you are dealing with. There may be a nominal diagnostic fee of $25 if the issue cannot be easily assessed. 

Step 3: Diagnostics - The Techie assigned to you will contact you via email or text on a second phone number once they have run a diagnostic on your phone to figure out what is causing the issue and assess how to fix it with a quote. 

Step 4: Approval - You give us the approval to work on your phone and fix it. That’s it! It is that simple. Most repairs are completed 24-72 hours from when it is approved, depending on the repair. Once your phone is repaired and ready to pick up, your Techie will text you to let you know. 

Why Choose Us for Your Fast and Reliable Phone Repairs?

All of our computer and phone repairs come with: